wildlingoreiad: Hey i had pravana vivid violet in my hair and now it has faded to green on my previously blonde/orangey ends. How did you remove urs?

Heat stying then taking laundry detergent and baking soda mask/cap on also a bleach/ shampoo cap after that! …after you want to deeply hydrate your hair try the 100% pure coconut and honey deep conditioning treatment.¬†

Anonymous: omg youuuu

yeah girl, omg me. ~~~ thats what I imagine people would say when I do the invisible hoola-hoop dance in the mirror ¬†before I leave for work in the morning. 0_o. <—-that’s the look I get by my dog zooey however.

lifechanger14: love your style

I will use this as a point of reference when time travel is available and I can show my older sister proof of this 10 years ago. ;)